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Donald Pell Gardens: Inspired Spaces

Periodically when we partner on a project with a builder, designer or an architect we are compelled to take a step back and admire their craftsmanship.  This is very much true when speaking about Landscape Architects at Donald Pell Gardens.  The work they do is best described as inspired.

Sweeping landscapes, inventive use of natural color, texture and eye-catching variety.  It starts with Don Pell himself.  In our experience, we have not encountered another Landscape Architect who knows more about how perennials and trees will work and flourish in a given space.  He creates bold, romantic gardens that utilize an exceptionally wide palette of plants from around the world.

The team at Donald Pell Gardens also understands the role outdoor spaces play in our lives and how technology plays a part.  Tasteful outdoor spaces reach their fullest potential when individuals, families and gatherings function seamlessly within them.  Scenes which are intelligently lit in order to accent both wildlife and well done hardscapes creates dynamically impactful spaces.  Music that plays crystal clear at all levels, while embracing tricky outdoor acoustics becomes an enthralling backdrop.  Not dominating the space, but harmonious audio easily controlled to enhance the panorama of visual experience without disruption or disjointedness.

Don Pell describes his vision of creating spaces that function for each of us: “Our vision is to create meaningful places. Places fun to explore; places where we find intimacy and repose; places to bring friends and family, places to laugh, dine, places to welcome and say good-bye. Places of Experience.”

Donald Pell Gardens offers tremendous partnership with Stone Glidden.  A unified sense of place and experience.

Enjoy a visual getaway and check out Donald Pell Gardens’ Website, call 610-917-1385 or email Don Pell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a visit to their studio and beautiful garden.

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